İngilizce Muhasebe Terimleri ve Kısaltmaları


Abbreviation Description

  • A –
    A/P Administrative/Professional
    A/R Accounts Receivable
    A.P.S. Animal And Plant Sales
    ABACCR Absences Accrual – (As In Compensated Absences Accrual)
    ABATE Abatement
    ABS Absences – As In Compensated Absences
    AC Air Conditioner
    ACAD Academic
    ACCID Accident
    ACCR Accrued
    ACCT. Accounting
    ACT Activity
    ADD’L Additional
    ADJ Adjustment
    ADM Administrative Charges
    ADMIN Administrative
    ADMIS Admission
    ADT Auditing
    AES Agriculture Extension Service
    AFD Allowance For Depreciation
    AFF Available Funds File
    AFFRS Affairs
    AG Agriculture
    AGR. Agriculture/Agreement
    AID Agency For International Development
    ALL./ALLOW Allowance
    AM American
    AMS Agricultural Marketing Service
    AN Animal
    ANAL Analysis
    APC/APD Amended Payroll Certification/Distribution
    APPROP Appropriations
    ARA Administrative Report Access
    ARP Ag Research Programs
    ARS Agricultural Research Service
    ART Artists
    AS Accounting Services
    ASM Aerospace Structural Metals
    ASMH Aerospace Structural Metals Handbook
    ASS Association
    ASST./AST Assistants
    ATM Automatic Teller Machine
    AUX Auxiliary
    AV Audio Visual
  • B –
    B & C Bonds And Coupons
    BA Bank Adjustments
    BAL Balance
    BAL SH Balance Sheet
    BC or B/C Budgetary Control
    BCDF Budgetary Control Document File
    BCHM Biochemistry
    BEN/BENF Benefit(s)
    BILL Billiards
    BLDG Building
    BO Business Office
    BOWL Bowling
    BSG Building, Services and Grounds
    BUDG Budgeted
    BUILD Building
    BUS./BSN Business
  • C –
    C+MV Cost Plus Market Value
    C/S Cost Sharing
    CAP. Capital
    CAR Centralized Accounts Receivable
    CARR. Carriers
    CD Certificates Of Deposits
    CEA Continuing Education Administration
    CERT. Certificate
    CES Co-Operative Extension Service
    C&FS Consumer & Family Sciences
    CFAH Composites Failure Analysis Handbook
    CH/CHG/CHRG Charge
    CHANC Chancellor
    CHEM Chemical
    CIS Center For Instructional Services
    CLER. Clerical
    CLS Class
    CMS Central Machine Shop
    CNTR Center
    CO Company
    COMM. Commercial
    COMP Compensation/Compensated
    COMPL Complement
    CONF Conference
    CONSTR Construction
    CONT./CONTIN Continuous/Continuing
    CONTR. Contractual/Contributed/Construction
    CONVO Convocations
    COPA Cost Of Program Allowance
    CRC Cash Receipts Clearing
    CSRS Co-Operative State Research Service
    CS Central Stores
    CTL Control
    CTR Center
    CULT. Cultural
    CUR Current
    CURR Currency
  • D –
    DAN Dance
    DCC Day Care Center
    DEC Decorations
    DED Deduction
    DEHYD Dehydration
    DEL Delicious
    DEP Deposit / Dependent
    DEPR Depreciation
    DEPT Department
    DEV. Development
    DEVELOP Development
    DHHS Department Of Health And Human Services
    DIAGNOS Diagnosis
    DISC Discount
    DISP Disposable
    DISTR Distribution
    DOD Department Of Defense
    DOE Department Of Energy
    DOI Department Of Interior
    DOS Dean Of Students
    DOT Department Of Transportation
    DOUBT. Doubtful
    DREF Departmental Reference Code
    DTDH Damage Tolerant Design Handbook
    DUP/DUPL Duplication
    DUPLIC Duplication
  • E –
    EC Entry Code
    ED Education
    EDF Encumbrance Document File
    EE Employee
    EM Electron Microscope
    EMBRAPA National Agriculture Research Affairs
    ENC Encumbrance
    ENDOW/END Endowment
    ENG/ENGR Engineer/Engineering
    ENS Ensemble
    ENT/ENTER Enterprises
    ENTER Enterprises
    ENVIR. Environmental
    EPA Environmental Protection Agency
    EQ/EQP/EQUIP Equipment
    EQT Equipment
    ER Employer
    EXCH Exchange
    EXH Exhibit
    EXP/EX Expense
    EXT External / Extension
  • F –
    F&A Facilities and Administrative costs (previously called Indirect Costs or overhead)
    FABR Fabrication
    FAC Faculty / Facilities
    FAST Fastening
    FBU Fringe Benefits – University
    FD Fund
    FED Federal
    FELL. Fellowships
    FEST Festival
    FIAA Financial Information Account Attribute
    FIN/FINAN Financial
    FLOC Fund Location
    FMIS Financial Management Information System
    FNC Functional
    (FOR) Foreign
    FRIN/FR Fringe
    FS Food Service
    FSI Food Stores Issues
    FTBALL Football
    FUNCT Functions
    FURN Furniture
    FW Fort Wayne
  • G –
    GEN./GENRL General
    GL or G/L General Ledger
    GOVT Government
    GRAD Graduate
    GSF General Service Fee
  • H –
    HAPPEN. Happening
    HFS Housing And Food Service
    HLMC Hall Of Music
    HMO Health Maintenance Organization
    HOSP Hospital
    HPTLTY Hospitality
    HRS Hours
    HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
  • I –
    I B Incidental Billing
    I-U Inter-Unit/ Indiana University
    IDC Indirect Cost
    INC/INCO Income
    IND Indiana
    INFO Information
    INS Insurance
    INSP. Inspiration
    INST/INSTR Instruction
    INT Internal / Interest
    INT’L International
    INTRNTNL International
    INVEST Investment
    IPIA International Programs In Agriculture
    IPS International Parcel Service
  • J –
    JEOL Jeol Scope
    JTRP Joint Transportation Research Project
  • K –
    K-REG. Kitchen Regular
    K-STUD. Kitchen Student
  • L –
    LA Lower Arena
    LAF Lafayette
    LARS Laboratory For Applications Of Remote Sensing
    LB1 Lockbox 1
    LECT. Lecture
    LIAB Liability
    LIC License
    LIM Limit
    LT Long Term
    LTD Life To Date/Long Term Disability
    LTFS Long Term Field Staff
    LUBR Lubricants
  • M –
    M.A.I.L. Local Mailing Service
    MACH Machine
    MAINT Maintenance
    MARR Married
    MAT/MATL Material
    MED Medical/Medicine
    MEM Memorial
    MERCH. Merchandise
    MFG Manufacturing
    MGMT Management
    MI Medical Illustrations
    MISC Miscellaneous
    MMAD Materials Management Distribution
    MN Merchants National
    MSH Married Student Housing
    MSO Mechanical Systems Operations
  • N –
    NAT National
    NASA National Aeronautical Space Administration
    NBE Not Budgeted Elsewhere
    NO F&A Not chargeable for F&A (see F&A)
    NCENTRAL North Central
    NEWSLET Newsletter
    NON RES Non Resident
    NON-RFNDBLE Non-Refundable
    NSF National Science Foundation
  • O –
    OBL Obligations
    OCGBA Office of Contract and GrantBusiness Affairs
    OFC Office
    O/H Overhead
    OP&TECH Operational And Technical
    OPER Operations
    ORG Organization
    OSP Other Sponsored Programs
    OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Admin.
    OTH Other
  • P –
    P P Physical Plant / Plant Pathology
    PAI Personal Accident Insurance
    PAP Paper
    PAR Professional Activity Report
    PARK Parking
    PAV Pavement
    PDC Payroll Distribution Charge
    PEP Purdue Enrichment Program
    PERF Public Employees Retirement Fund
    PERS Personal
    PF Physical Facilities
    PHAR/PHARM Pharmacy
    PHY PL Physical Plant
    PL Parking Lots
    PLT Plant
    PLUMB Plumbing
    PMT Payment
    PMU Purdue Memorial Union
    PO Purchase Order
    POS Position
    PREM Premium
    PREP. Preparation
    PRES President
    PREVENT. Preventive
    PRF Purdue Research Foundation
    PRNT Printing
    PROC. Process/Procedure
    PROD/-P Production
    PROF. Professional
    PROG Program
    PROJ Project
    PROP Property
    PST Purdue Statewide Technology
    PSU Purdue Student Union
    PU Purdue University
    PUBS Publications
    PUCC Purdue University Computing Center
  • Q –


  • R –
    RC Regional Campus
    RCHG/RECH Recharge
    RCPT Reception
    REC Receivable
    RECR Recreation
    RECV Recovery
    REFERRA Referral
    REFRIG Refrigerator
    REFUN Refund
    REG Regular
    REGIST Registration
    REGULAT Regulatory
    REHAB Rehabilitation
    REINV Reinvestment
    REM Radiological And Environmental Management
    REM. Remit
    REN Renewal
    RENOV Renovations
    REP Repair
    REPL/R Replacement
    RES Research/Reserve/Resident
    RESFOR Reserve For
    REST Restricted
    RESURF Resurfacing
    RET Retirement
    REV Revenue
    REVIS Revision
    RHI Restaurant, Hotel & Institutional Mgmt.
    RM&ML Room And Meals
  • S –
    S & E Supplies And Expense
    S & W Salaries And Wages
    SAH Structural Alloys Handbook
    SAL. Salaries
    SALV. Salvage
    SANIT. Sanitation
    SCH School
    SCHEDUL./SCHED Schedule
    SCI Scientific
    SEB State Egg Board
    SECT Sectioning
    SEP Separately
    SER/SERV Service
    SFO Supervised Flight Operations
    SH Sheet
    SHAR Share/Sharing
    SINGL Single
    SOC Societies
    SP Sponsored
    SPEC. Specialized
    SPON Sponsored
    SS Social Security
    SSF Specialized Service Facilities
    ST Student/State/Short Term
    STA Station
    STFS Short Term Field Staff
    STFUNCT Student Functions
    STU/STUD/STDT Student
    SUBJ Subject
    SUM Summer
    SUP /SUPP Supplies
    SURG/SUR Surgery
    SVC Services
    SYS System
  • T –
    TCKT/TI Tickets
    TECH Technology
    TELECOM Telecommunications
    TEMP Temporary
    TERM. Terminal
    TIF Temporary Investment Fund
    TOURN Tournament
    TP Ticket Price
    TPA Third Party Administrator
    TRANSC Transcripts
    TRANSF. Transfers
    TRANSP./TRANS Transportation
    TRAV/TRA Travel
    TREAS/TR Treasurer
    TRVL Travel
  • U –
    UNAM Unamortized
    UNAMORT Unamortized
    UND.GRAD Undergraduate
    UNDIST. Undistributed
    UNEMP Unemployment
    UNIV University
    UNR Unrestricted
    UNRED. Unredeemed
    UNREST. Unrestricted
    UPS United Postal Service
    US United States
    US.R United States Resident
    USDA United States Department Of Agriculture
    UTIL Utilities
  • V –
    VCS Voluntary Cost Sharing
    VEH Vehicle
    VEND Vending
    VENT Ventilation
    VET Veterinary
    VIS Visitor
    VIT Vitamin
    VP Vice President
    VTE Vocational Technical Education
  • W –
    WITH Withholding
    WIP Work In Process (Physical Plant)
    WL West Lafayette
    WS Work Study
  • X –
  • Y –
    YTD Year To Date
  • Z –

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